Acquisition and Restructure

Acquisition and Restructure

Complementary Acquisition in Fiscal Year 2015

As part of our strategy to expand our service platform, in September 2014, as approved by our Board of Directors, we acquired Longhe Ship Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited ("LSM"), a ship management company based in Hong Kong from Mr. Deming Wang ("Mr. Wang"), who in June 2014, as approved by our Board of Directors, purchased from us 200,000 shares of our common stock. We believe that the acquisition of LSM will complement our existing service platform.


Commencing in the latter part of fiscal year 2013 and continuing through our fiscal year ended June 30, 2014, we took various actions to restructure our business with the goal of achieving profitability. These actions included lowering our operating costs and expenses, reducing our dependency on our shipping agency business and hiring a new executive vice president and other consultants to assist us in implementing our business restructuring efforts.

During the first and second quarters of fiscal year 2014, we expanded our service platform by adding two new services: shipping and chartering services and inland transportation management services. These two new services were added to service certain business needs of Tianjin Zhi Yuan Investment Group Co., Ltd. (the "Zhiyuan Investment Group").

As a result of our restructuring and the addition of our two new service lines, fiscal year 2014 represented our first year of profitability since our initial public offering, as we reported net income attributable to Sino-Global of $ 1,586,353 as compared to net loss attributable to Sino-Global of $ 1,799,755 for fiscal year 2013.

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